Freeze dried healthy snacks. We combined the health of nature with new generation agricultural technologies.
Fruits grown in the purest soil of Anatolia in their most natural form.
Leading Production Facility
Turkey's largest organic Freeze Dry capacity.
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Who are we?

Established in 2020, Nims Food opened its factory with the largest production capacity of organic Freeze Dry products under one roof in Turkey, in Balıkesir Gaziosmanpaşa Organized Industrial Zone, at the intersection of the most productive agricultural lands of our country.

Production in 7.500m² closed area
40 employees
10,000 tons of fruit processing
What is Freeze Dry Technology?

Fruits and vegetables dried with Freeze Dry, the world’s most advanced drying technology, add flavor to your meals with their intense flavor and color preserved without any additives.

By preserving their shape, color, smell and aroma, dried fruits and vegetables do not lose their nutritional values and vitamins.

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